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Top Ten Customer Testimonials of the Month

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Thanks for all your help and support!
I emailed you all with many questions and concerns while taking your Chronic program. You went out of your way to respond with good answers within minutes of my emails. I want to thank you because I have been advised today that I passed my drug test and your interest in the matter along with your great products were the true reason why I passed. I have posted my story as well as info on your company in forums on the internet.
I hope and wish you continued success. Because without you, people like me would have no chance.

Thanks Jason

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Hello Staff,
I just wanted to write to let you know how thankful I am to have found your website. I am a professional female who indulges from time to time with my spouse. I recently was offered a position that required a urine test to be done. The first time I took my test I used a competitors product (1 hour fast flush type) and had to retest due to a diluted sample result. Prior to finding out that my test results were diluted, I indulged on Tuesday with my spouse and then found out on Wednesday that I had to retest. Needless to say I was panic stricken due to this company allowing you to test twice. I found your website and called your 800 number to ask a lot of questions. Your staff was very helpful and supportive in helping me choose the right product for my situation. I purchased the Permanent Blood and Urine cleanse for a moderate user on Thursday and began the cleansing process on Friday when I received it. It was very simple, just 15 pills a day for 2 days and the bottle of toxin remover with no changes to my diet. I took my drug test again on Monday and found out on Wednesday that I passed with plenty of room to spare. Thank you and II will refer all of my friends to your website.

Thank you,
Pepper in Maryland
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For everyone out there that may be hesitant or somewhat incredulous, let me pass on a fact or two. I took a drug test this past Tuesday for a job with a government agency. The only illegal substance that I use is THC and stopped smoking 72 hours prior to testing, drank 24 fluid ounces of "Platinum Magnum Force" 2 hours prior to my drug test, and I passed with flying red, white, and blue colors. Your products are fantastic and I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that ask (or doesn't ask for that matter). Thanks again for helping to protect our privacy rights as citizens of the best country on earth.

Tulsa, OK
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I just wanted to say thank you for being friendly and desecrate with my information. I purchased the Permanent Blood and Urine cleanse for an extreme user. It was very simple, just 15 pills a day for my 5 days and then a little bottle of toxin remover. With no major diet changes or really weird things to do, it is the easiest cleanse on the market. I've smoked quite often over the past 15 years and have tried many other products on the market and yours is the only one that has worked.

Thank you again.
Charlotte, North Carolina
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When I was told that I was required to take a drug test for my job I started looking around for options, because salvia drug tests are new, but then I saw your ad on 420 times.com. After I checked out your site I wanted more info so I called your 800 number and you answered all my questions and I received the bottle of Spit N Clean the next day. I will be doing business with you again.

Kansas City, Kansas
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Thank You
I've been a heavy smoker for many years And was offered a job of a lifetime in march. I was told that before I started that I had to take a urine and blood test. Needless to say I was very worried. I didn't have enough time to get clean on my own. After talking to friends and not sleeping for two days. I came across your web site. I called your 800 number. After talking awhile and a lot of questions I ordered your chronic user permanent cleanse. After the 8 days. I took my home drug test. When it showed I was clean I couldn't believe it. I passed both tests thanks to your help and your great products. IM sure you will be hearing from all my friends.

Boston, MA
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I want to thank you for helping me figure out which product was suitable for me. I'm an everyday smoker. but stopped 30 days ago with only one week left before my test The testing facility had told me I would be taking a hair test. After placing my order and receiving it the next day. Your hair cleansing kit worked perfect. I Passed! Thanks for your help. You guys are great!

Midland, TX
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After coming across your site I called your 800# with a couple of questions. After talking. I went with your suggestion and bought the Duzz'it 1 hour drink. After hanging up the phone I really had my dough's if this would work. IM writing you to let you know everything went as you said it would Thanks Now IM back to work.

Palmyra, NJ
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Hey guys just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I found you. I first saw you in Saint Louis. I work on a riverboat casino that random drug test. Well guess what? My number came up and I had to take a hair follicle drug test I ordered the hair mud off your site and followed the instruction to a tee. I took my test the next Monday and never heard a thing all week. when I showed for work on Tuesday there was a note to see my boss. Was I nervous or what? I walked in her office and she told me to sit down. Then she ask me if I was still wanting to deal cards. I couldn't believe my ears. I got a better job and more pay. Thank you again your stuff works.

Saint Louis, MO
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I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your products I work for a very large paper mill in the Northwest Our company started random drug testing two years ago. I bought your bullets in the summer of 2000 and keep them at work just in case. I had to take a urine test this week and passed on the spot. ill be ordering more and a few for the guys. Keep up the good work...

Eugene, OR
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